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Bathroom Remodeling

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Bathroom Remodeling in Port Royal

There are two aspects to building or remodeling a bathroom. The first is what you see and is pretty obvious.  The second is what you don't see and may not be as obvious.  For instance you may be looking at beautiful cabinets and fixtures but may not have considered that having less professional contractor or plumber install them can result in all kinds of problems.

True Story

I have heard several stories where people bought beautiful bathroom cabinets, etc... and then hired a handyman to install them.  The only problem is that when the handyman installed the cabinets he screwed a hole into the wall and into a water pipe.  It only created a small leak. This small leak was noticed for six months or so (In some cases much longer because the owners were away for the summer).  After mold had spread within the walls, under the floors and along the back of the new cabinets "then" the owner noticed the leak.  Unfortunately by then it meant ripping out the walls, the tile floor and the cabinets.  What was really unfortunate is that in most of these cases the handyman did not offer any type of warranty or had moved to another city or state.

Bathroom Remodeling


I (Mike Buddemeyer) believe that we can do some of the most beautiful work in bathroom remodeling in the local area.  We don't just make it look good.  We make sure it "is" good. We can help you select the best looking fixtures, cabinets, showers and other materials for your budget and at the same time make sure that what you have is installed by quality professionals, that you have a full warranty and that you are happy with every aspect of the job.  In fact, we promise to leave your bathroom sparkling clean when we are finished.

Bathroom Remodeling

Maximum Use of Space

We are somewhat unique in the remodeling business. We don't try to just "fill space" with new fixtures.  We try to help you find ways to maximize space. For instance in condominiums it is very common for builders to cut corners by installing a low ceiling.  Often the ceiling is 8 to 10 inches lower than it needs to be which makes the bathroom feel "crowded".  If you are remodeling your bathroom why would you want it to keep that crowded feeling when you can easily get all that space back and make your bathroom feel so much bigger.  This is just one instance of how we can help maximize your space. There are many more.

Assist in Helping You Select

One of the biggest factors in remodeling is finding the right fixtures, cabinets, flooring and shower to reflect your lifestyle. The problem is that you don't have time to become an expert on every type of cabinet, etc... What you need is someone who can help "point the way".  For instance saying that this company provides "basics", that company offers "middle of the road" while this company only sells "top of the line designer _____".  What you really need is someone to point you in the right direction.  Help you make the right choices.  Offer advice.  We can do all that for you and help you find what you want to find with the least amount of effort on your part.

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