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Breathing Problem Tips and Suggestions

Breathing Problems

Breathing Problem Tips and Suggestions
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Breathing Problem Tips and Suggestions

Breathing Problem Tips and Suggestions

Many people have breathing problems that vary from allergies, to sinus, to sleep apnea and asthma. Perhaps even you or a member of your family.  What you may not know is that selecting the right materials and the right people to install them can affect the people for years to come.


Cheap carpets tend to produce chemicals in the air for a year or more that can hamper breathing.  If you or a member of your family have breathing problems I suggest that you insist on only quality carpets or that you select tile flooring instead.

Air Conditioners

I have heard of instances where people were made seriously ill (breathing problems, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, headaches, etc) because the intake for an air conditioner was not properly installed.  Basically the intake is an insulated (duct board) tube that transfers air from a vent to your air conditioner.  If there are any gaps your air conditioner can literally suck fiberglass fibers from your walls and attic into the air conditioner and then blow them throughout your house.  Therefore it is critical that you work with companies who are well known for quality work.


What you can't see can hurt you.  It is common for new construction done by less than quality companies to have minor flaws.  Unfortunately some of these flaws can hurt you and those you love.  For years.  For instance their can be small leaks in plumbing, around shower door seams, etc that can cause water leaks within the walls (Where you can't see them).  These leaks then cause water to accrue and mold starts to grow inside your walls.  Soon you have breathing problems but may never discover why.  This is why we recommend you never use any company to do plumbing work unless they have a good reputation and have been doing work in the area for at least 5 years.

Chinese Drywall

Recently stories have come to light of thousands of homeowners who have become sick because of Chinese Drywall and other cheap products.  All we can say is that we only use quality materials and that we promise to never use Chinese Drywall in your home or business.

During Remodeling

We recommend that people with breathing problems never stay in their homes during any type of construction that can put debris in the air.  It's simply not worth it to suffer breathing problems as the result of trying to save a few dollars on hotels.

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